The Boosterthon is the Worst Thing Ever (FFA Opinion)

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The Boosterthon was a great concept. It was a fun run for students to get pledges and run to raise money for the school. Except it was a big fail. Here's why:

Today was the day of the run and they had gotten us all hyped throughout the week about the Boosterthon. They gave out prizes, made overly-excited announcements over the speaker, and told us that top pledging students and classes would get special prizes, such as sliming the principal. All of this is great and really encouraged everyone to do their best to raise money. But during the "fun run", almost nothing happened. There was no running, and forget about the fun. Just some small disco lights and a projector showing videos of exercises that all the students had to do. The overly-excited person on screen doing push-ups, jumping jacks, and more over and over again for an entire hour. And that was it. Was there any fun? No. Any running? No. The Boosterthon was advertised as a run where if you ran a number of laps, your sponsors would pay according to that. Instead, they all just didn't make us run at all and pretended that we ran the maximum distance so our pledgers pay more. Boosterthon, fix this.

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