The Clever Design of Amazon's *New* Packaging

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Amazon is now one of the biggest companies out there developing re, yet shipping an item has still stayed the same. It wastes materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic envelopes, and more. Is there a less wasteful solution to shipping an item? Perhaps these materials can be reused? Well, Amazon is taking the first step to conserving by upgrading their bagging game.

I just started noticing a new plastic bag that my package is shipping with. It looks like a usual shipping bag, with a place to tear and open it. However, once it's open, there's an adhesive above it that you can peel and reseal the bag. This is meant for returning your item, and I do think that this will help to reduce packaging waste. Now, instead of just tossing that packaging into the garbage, consumers might start saving these bags up. It's the perfect size for small items to fit into meaning I believe that it'll start getting heavily used by consumers. After all, who doesn't want a free bag to ship your packages or returns in! This is just one more thing the eCommerce giant is doing to upgrade our customer experience.


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