The Conspiracy Theory Capturing the Nation

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

This just in, after the tragic port and tunnel disaster off the coast of Turtlandia leaving 15 dead, people are wondering what may have happened. Conspiracy theories are rising on GraceBuk and Flitter. On Flitter's trending page, popular opinion is now taking the world by storm. A user named @xylovery posted a Fleet saying:

"Hey! The TL Government planned out the attacks. The TL Port and Highway are collapsed, and the government isn't doing anything about it. Plus, Flight #291 was conducted by them since 2+9+1=12, and today is October 12! And 187 people died on the flight. 1+8+7=16 and four pilots died. 16-4=12! The TL Government is hiding things..."

The post is now #1 on Flitter's Trending Page. Another popular belief is that Uganda conducted the attacks, after the FFA cargo ship hijacking last year. However, some people are even going as far as to say that the Crescents undertook the attacks after the recent GU takeover and the formation of CITA, giving a good reason to attack TL. Some other theories on the Trending Page of GraceBuk are that a whale caused the collapse, a cargo ship anchor caused the failure, or construction caused the collapse. However, some extreme conspiracies state that the FFA, GU, or DR Governments planned the attack, even though these are the governments attempting to help out the current situation in Turtlandia. All UN countries are now conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and will meet up soon.


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