The Debate Dividing the Nation: Should The FFA Change Their Name?

The argument that's splitting the nation apart. Millions of FFA citizens now arguing about whether or not the FFA should change their name. The FFA recently made an announcement saying that the FFA group would still keep their name as Field For All, but the nation could possibly be changed to Free For All, in an attempt to pursue the message that the FFA is a free country and that more people should move there. However, some people are not happy with this saying that Field For All has always been the name of the FFA and is a historical name. If the name is changed, all that history is lost they say. Others say the original name sounds horrible and its about time that it goes away. This debate is also harming our office, since in the break lounge people are throwing the complimentary bagels at each other! When I came in this morning into the break lounge for my free bagel breakfast, all of the bagels were on the floor and my co-workers kept throwing bagels at each other. I'll have to talk to my boss later about that. I really want Montgomery to get fired. She's the worst and she's been complaining about how the FFA shouldn't change their name all day. She's been throwing literally hundreds of bagels at people and worst of all, she's from Dragonia! Dragonia is the worst country out there! I mean, Uganda and Civilization are allies and the same goes for Turtlelandia and GU. But Dragonia, we're supposed to be "allied" with them and I don't even know their major cities! They even name themselves after poop once! Whatever, this is just my opinion. I hope I don't get too much criticism. Like, it's so easy to get criticized with companies like Flitter and GracebUk. People can literally attack you through those websites so hard. I think I got a little carried away with this article... Salem Richmond will be posting new stories soon.


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