The Fort Lee School #2 Fun Run Makes No Sense (FFA Opinion)

Photo by Hoang Le from Pexels

In Fort Lee, NJ, many schools are starting to have Fun Runs from MindSpark. This run is otherwise known as the "Boosterthon" (Names of all these are unclear.) It's a great idea. You get family or friends (or even strangers!) to pledge for you. An example is like your friend pledging $1 for every lap you run at the Fun Run. If you run 25 laps, your friend gives $25 to the school. Also, for the money earned on pledges can earn prizes for you and your entire class. There's just one problem: The money is going towards new technology for the school, but why? I personally think that the students have enough technology. Most of the students aren't going to be using iPads, or Chromebooks frequently. Also, most of the tech is going towards younger grades, who will use this technology for games. Even if the games are educational, it won't exactly be the same as studying it directly from the teacher to the student. Instead, use the money on more important purposes. School supplies, assemblies, and even some of the money could go to technology. My point is that with our quickly evolving world, that doesn't mean that the way we learn should completely change and all of our money will be spent towards technology.


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