The Google Home Hub Is Coming, and It's Going to Be Tough for Amazon

Photo taken by FFA Times.

Google recently announced that their new Google Home Hub is coming, and with so many irresistible deals, it's going to be tough for Amazon. First of all, being priced at $150 appeals to many buyers. Amazon's new Echo Show costs over $200! But of course, Google wasn't the first to think of this idea. Before the Google Home Hub, there was a popular Alexa device called the Echo Show. Google just had to release a new smart home to compete with Amazon... Anyways, the Google Home Hub has a screen, unlike the other Google Home devices. You'll be able to check your Google Calendar, smart home, watch YouTube videos, see the weather forecast, and best of all, all you have to do is talk.

Google also has a promotion going on where if you buy a Google Home Hub, you get six months of YouTube Premium for free. This is a tempting deal for people wanting a smart home. It's also tough on Amazon, whose new Echo Show will be priced at a pretty high price that some people might want to stay away from.

In Google's official video for the Google Home Hub, it showed that you could wake up to inspirational photos. It's a great feature to have. You can also ask almost any question, and with the power of Google Assistant as well as a screen, you can bet that it'll be answered.

Overall, the Google Home Hub will probably be a great buy. With its low price, sleek design, and high functionality, it'll be perfect for someone who wants an excellent smart home or is looking even to upgrade their existing smart home. Google Assistant paired with visuals is a great idea, and I only wish the Google Home Hub was thought of sooner. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, you probably won't regret it.


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