The Northern War (Summary)

Photo Of Grand Union Royal Marines In South Stormbreaker

War Summary:

Crescent rebels terrorized the mainland, so the Grand Union declared war on the new homeland of the insurgents, Storm Breaker. Commonwealth troops made landing in the North Heading for the capital. But as the Storm Breaker troops rushed in to meet the Grand Union troops head-on into a fierce fight, Grand Union troops defended the Hill. However, this led to significant losses. Grand Union SAS And Royal Marine Raids On trains, and sabotaging Storm Breaker forts cut off there sully lines. But then an intense battle happens at as new fronts open up. Grand Union troops invade a beach called Gallipoli. The Grand Union troops battled strong, but the SB troops called in reinforcements from the Northern Front. The GU troops retreated at Dunkirk to the North. Both sides in the North dug trenches and the first time on the Northern front trench warfare was introduced.This was a major loss of life, but the GU made several advancements.And on October 13, 2018, the Grand Union captured the Storm breaker capital and The Storm Breaker surrendered, and the Grand Union won the war.The Grand Union left the land with signs of victory in the air, and the Iron Curtain has broken independence to the land.There was heavy loses at 10,000. Deaths for the GU and 50,000 for the SB.All in all a tragic loss but never forget The Crescent Commies’. This Was The Northern War.


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