The Secret Game in Google's Code You Never Knew About

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Google has grown to a massive corporation, and it would make sense that Google is continuously hiding things for its users to find. Recently, an entire text adventure game was discovered in Google's code. Here's how to play it:

First, you'll have to use a good search browser. We tested Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari and we would say that Chrome and Firefox work best. Next, in Google, search up the words "text adventure" and this screen will appear:

Now, you'll have to access the page's code. There are multiple ways to do this. The easiest is to press Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) all at the same time, and a box should appear on the right-hand side of your screen. If you're doing this on Mac, you can press Cmd+Option+I. However, if you can't seem to achieve it using this method then right click on your mouse, and there should be an option saying "Inspect" Click it, and you will be brought to the code.

Once at the code, press Console at the top of it and you should now see a big yellow Warning sign. Underneath it, there's a question asking "Would you like to play a game? (yes/no)" The screenshot below shows the question asked (zoomed in to improve experience).

Code has been zoomed for better usability.

Now, type in "yes" into the Console and Voila! You now have the game ready to play. Control your character which is a "G" by typing in "north", "south", "west", and "east". There are also many other controls such as "up", "down", "grab", "use", and much more. Now explore the world of Google with this text adventure game!


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