The Truth About Plastic Waste

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Plastic is a huge problem. In fact, over 335 million metric tons of it are produced every year. Of that, roughly 8 billion metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean. Now, small traces of microplastics are starting to show up in many of the items we use which come from water sources. This also includes products we consume such as water and sea salt.

However, plastic is also one of the most efficient and useful materials out there. For example, without plastic we wouldn't have any cheap prepackaged food containers or strong covering for cable lines. So then how should we manage our plastic waste?

Of course, there's the obvious answer of recycling. But only 9% of all plastics are actually recycled. However, there's another answer which is taking plastic that would've become trash and making it into something new. Polystyrene is a type of plastic that's found everywhere such as plastic spoons and packing peanuts and it could be reused efficiently as major projects are underway.

If you don't believe that plastic should be recycled, you're not alone. Many companies look at plastic as something that loses value after it's used and should be thrown out. While reusing plastic is expensive and people may prefer to make new plastic, it helps the environment and our health in the long run. Plastic waste costs the world $139 billion a year, according to The Economist. With your help, it could fall to just zero. So let's all conserve our environment and urge our governments to reuse plastic properly today!


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