The "Unresolved" Conflict in the Black Sea

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Photo by GeoffreyWhiteway on Freerange

There was a war in the Black Sea that just recently commenced. These countries that surround the sea include Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia. Ukraine and Russia were fighting in Eastern Ukraine since 2014. Tensions have risen even more after a dispute between Ukrainian and Russian warships near Kerch Strait. That strait interconnects the Black Sea with the Sea of Azov. Russia's in the lead of capturing three Ukrainian ships. Now, an American warship may be heading toward the Black Sea.

Fox News says that this might be in response to Russia's maritime actions against Ukraine. The U.S. Navy says this routinely conducts operations in international waters and airspace of the Black Sea. According to CNN, U.S. officials say that the Navy was increasing its presence in the area to counter Russia's increased presence. Russia is making moves of its own. In Eastern Crimea, a peninsula that they controversially added from Ukraine is preparing for military drills against the U.S. They've been using anti-aircraft missiles. As this conflict arises and the media spreads more information about it, we only expect the problem to escalate.


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