The way Fort Lee acted during today's snowstorm was horrendous. - FFA Opinion

Photo by Emily Toycen on Unsplash

A massive snowstorm hit much of New Jersey and New York today as well as other parts of the Northeast. Most towns prepared for this and spread salt on the streets beforehand. Take for example New York City, which spread salt before the storm, and as a result, the roads and sidewalks were more comfortable to drive on, bike on, and walk on. On the other hand, some towns decided not to salt the streets. In the small town of Fort Lee, NJ, that's precisely what they did. When the storm hit Fort Lee, everything was fine at first. Streets were clear, and there was just a thin layer of plush white snow covering the houses. An hour later, everything intensifies. There's already around 1-2 inches of snow, and the visibility drops drastically. Conditions get even worse after that, and then you start seeing problems.

At around 3:30 PM on November 15, 2018, I was driving in the middle of Fort Lee and took a route through a small road. It seemed fine, but there was a lot of traffic on the street. I cut into the street after exiting another small road, but then while waiting uphill to merge in, my car started to slide. You can imagine what happened next. My car hit another vehicle in front of me. Luckily, there was unnoticeable damage, but that made me realize that the snow was a problem. Up ahead, police sirens started to go off, and I saw an accident right at the top of the road. I was able to merge into the street, but by then, it was all stuck. I tried going back the way I came from, but the car kept sliding down. So two hours went by, and I had only made it halfway up a 5-foot climb. That's when the salt trucks finally came. They doused the road with salt, and the traffic was finally free. Almost. More traffic came on Main Street, and in total, unsalted roads cost me two hours of time and a slight accident. It caused other vehicles worse, with major disasters. Fort Lee, what are you thinking? A few days ago, the forecast said it would be minimal snow but what about yesterday and today? Fort Lee was unprepared for this and is to blame for many of the accidents, time wasted, road rage, and more. Fort Lee just wanted to save money but not spreading salt on the roads. This shows that this small town doesn't care about its residents or commuters passing by. I do hope Fort Lee can change for the better if something else like this happens, but for now, they'll be stuck in a wrong place in my eyes.


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