The GU Annexation of the Orkney Islands

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Just today, the GU annexed the Orkney Islands which were found in the Indo-Ocean Corner. On the official world map, this is located in the top-left corner. When it was found, the GU found native tribes of people already living there. This creates a tremendous ancient atmosphere, already attracting many tourists. Orkney is a very welcoming country full of great surprises and has a great variety of excellent fresh fruits for you to order, buy, and grow all for fair prices. Also, it has a very warming community. It's almost like it was built for tourists. Some of the best parts of the Orkney Islands are the native languages and their way of life. They appreciate everyone who comes, and the Orkney Islands has now grown financially due to the GU's annexation of them. The Orkney Islands is expected to be on the list of the FFA Time's yearly list of "Top 5 Places to Visit". Also recently the Grand Union's HMS Endurance has been patrolling around the Islands. Make sure you visit the Orkney Islands!


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