Times Tower Still Recovering From Attacks

On October 12, 2018, the FFA Government received reports of planes circling the FFA perimeter. This was a serious matter but was disregarded as things like this happened all the time. No one knew what that would've caused. 9:54 PM that day, the plane was seen slowly falling from the sky into the Forther City center. As matters got worse, all significant writers of the FFA Times building were evacuated and brought to safety. As the writers began heading out, there was a loud sound above them, and when they looked up, a small plane had crashed into the side of the tower. Firefighters arrived on the scene within a few minutes, and luckily, the Tower did not collapse. Three writers were injured in the incident, and many employees were killed. Parts that were damaged included residential buildings, Harris Denver's office, a break lounge, a relaxing space, a daycare, and the FFA Times Hotel. The area is now under construction, and nobody will be allowed into the building until the rebuilding is complete. In a statement, a resident said "It was the scariest moment of my life. As people rushed out of the building, a plane just crashed into the building and debris flew everywhere." A ceremony will be held next week for the lives lost during that incident.


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