Isn't Trump Destroying the U.S.A?

It's not a surprise that trump is damaging the USA’s economy but by trying to distance himself over the 2 convictions of his associates and calling his former campaign manager a “good man”. He is going the sunshine and rainbow path.  Lots of critics are angry about this certain incident, but he is the president of our country (I’m not trying to defend him). Trump's deal with Kim Jong Un and actually trusting him without even a bit of mistrust is a red flag. It’s over but this has given many people a taste of salt. I don’t even know how he got elected but I guess the next president could be a snake if it’s possible trump got elected.  Trump is hurting the USA really badly and he has no regret. He just finds it as a chance of power and money, heaven said, he would have married his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter. It sounds wrong but it’s not but its weird to think about. I think that Trump is hurting the USA and we need to stop it (the US dollar is worth less and less every year and trump doesn’t care).


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