Turtlandia News 10/16/18

From rawpixel.com on pexels.com

Today in Turtlandia, citizens have been recovering from Hurricane Loggerhead. There was no severe damage or casualties, but 17 have been slightly injured because their Turtlesuit2000 didn't fit them correctly, as they didn't have them measured, which all Turtlandia citizens must do. Next, Port Fishy has been having some recent flooding issues, so there will be construction for the next three weeks on the ports. The deliveries from boats will be able to go to some of the smaller ports that are secure enough to take distributions. Lastly, on Turtlandia News, a citizen in Seashell Town has claimed to have spotted a crocodile in a nearby lake! It has been investigated so that it may have just been a fantasy.

-Coralia Cove

P.S, Happy Terrapin Day!


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