Increased T.A.T.A Tech Wage and More - Turtlandia News 10/5/18

Photo by Anna Wangler on Unsplash

Today many excellent things happened in Turtlandia. First, T.A.T.A Tech's minimum wage has been increased to 20 dollars an hour. This has been fully supported by the Turtlandia Government, which has been wanting T.A.T.A to do this for a while.

Next, the Turtlandia government has issued free health care for military and citizens. Also, the Turtlandia government will help any military members adjust back to civilian life, such as finding them a place to live, or funds to support their family. Lastly, Turtlandia government has issued Turtle Vest 2.0. This invention allows citizens and children to breathe underwater in the act of a flood. This vest also will enable you to float and has a red light to show your location. This will hopefully prevent casualties in floods or hurricanes.

That's it for today- Coralia Cove.


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