Turtlandia News 11-13 - November 13th

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Photo on unsplash by Sergio Rola

To all of the Turtlandia fans I have not been writing lately because I have been exploring the bottom of the ocean near Turtlandia in the TurtleBoat2000 submarine.

Yesterday in Turtlandia, I finally went back to the mainland with a few special guests. Two green sea turtles named Crush and Squirt. Crush is three years old, and Squirt is two. Crush was found in the middle of the ocean with a bleeding paw while Squirt was floating on the top of the sea with a straw in his nose. Luckily, they are both recovering quickly, and we should be able to release them soon.

Today in Turtlandia, Veterans' of Turtlandia Day was celebrated. Many brave troops fought in multiple wars, and we have a day to honor them. Our annual Veterans' of Turtlandia parade went great. People from all over Turtlandia came to one of the greatest spectacles of the year. I was involved in the parade with a short speech on all of the courageous veterans that were here with us today. The army band also played a short army hymn in honor of the veterans.

-"Sea" you later Turtle fans, Coralia Cove


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