Turtlandia News 11-16 November 16th

Photo by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash

Turtlandia has been going through a few changes lately! First, we have annexed some new land in southern Madonna. It took a bit of convincing from Dragonia, but the other UN countries agreed quickly. Immediate construction has been started for new homes and buildings.

Also TASA, Turtlandia's Space Exploration Company has begun building a rocket, that will make Turtlandia go to space for the first time! The spaceship should be finished sometime in the next two FFA months. The two first astronauts from Turtlandia are Maira Seashell and Delphin Neptunia. They plan to orbit the world and take a few pictures of the world from space. This will be an extremely monumental occasion. The date of the launch will be released soon.

Next, Turtle Scouts is a new program that children from 5 to 15 can join. It teaches independence and other important life skills, such as respect for others. They also learn lifesaving skills, such as floating in the ocean, or how to camp in the mountains.

-"Sea" y'all later - Coralia Cove


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