Turtlandia News 12-15 December 15th

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Photo by Tim Swaan on Unsplash

Wow! Lots have happened in Turtlandia lately! First, Turtlandia has just opened their first nature retreat which is called the Turtlandia Nature Center and Ski Retreat! It includes multiple skiing courses and tubing for the winter. There are many beautiful trails that you can hike on and enjoy family time on the trails. There are ski trails for people who had just started winter sports and trails for people who know how to ski and snowboard better. There is also a hotel by the Nature Center that you could stay at if you want to enjoy the trails a little bit longer.

The President of TL has recently decided that TL would not participate in the next war, and remain neutral as long as possible. This has been agreed upon because of the recent conflict and the warfare that was involved. That's it for Turtlandia News today!

Catch you later Turtlandia - Coralia Cove


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