What Are the Types of Rooms at the Legoland Hotel Opening in NY 2020?

Photo of Legoland Malaysia.

Legoland is a great place. As a child, I loved Lego and so did any other kid. It was pretty much the biggest toy in the 90s. Because of this, Legoland would just be my dreams come true. Childhood me would've never imagined being able to build such complex objects of what are just small plastic blocks. When I heard about the Legoland NY coming in 2020, I was thrilled even as an adult. I never imagined a Legoland would come near me. I had always planned on going to California to visit Legoland but all of a sudden, I didn't need to. However, this made me want to know more about this new opening. For today, I decided to find out what's going to be in the Legoland Hotel there.

A lot about the hotel is unknown, but we can infer that it'll be similar to other Legoland Hotels all around the world. We're expecting the same lego block design on the outside with the words "Lego Hotel" around the main entrance. The lobby could have some seating and Lego masterpieces around it. Expect a reception made partly out of Lego blocks too. There could be lounges, dining, and terraces similar to other locations. However, this is just what I'm expecting. The information on Legoland NY's official website says that there'll be Lego themed rooms. The themes go as the following:

-Pirate Themed Room

-Castle Themed Room

-Lego Friends Themed Room

-Ninjago Themed Room

We still don't know what the hotel will look like, but in the future, we may just find out.


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