What Do We Do?: Gun Control

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Photo by Specna Arms from Pexels

The country that we live in today has many unseen problems like any other country in the world would. As someone who is noneducated in the majority of political matters, my stance on this issue should not be taken seriously. However, I believe that many of my thoughts are valid and are worth listening to. From Walmarts to places of entertainment, shootings in the U.S. have been on the rise. This is partly due to the lack of security in these places. The shooter at the Northern California garlic festival was taken down quickly due to high security, but overall, Security measures at these places do need to be increased. Having security guards, metal detectors, and other precautions can ensure tragic events like this don't strike.

The main reason I believe this is happening is a combination of mental health issues and gun control. I still stand for guns and that Americans should have the right to own one. However, it is essential to see the weapon as an item of protection and not an item of violence. Unfortunately, uneducated people and those with mental health problems may not understand. This leads to something else: Guns should be better controlled within the U.S. Before somebody purchases a gun, do a proper background check. It's not only the mental health issues that are causing shootings but also the availability of firearms and accessibility of them. Gun store robberies are not too hard to commit as well. They happen every so often, and some thieves are never caught. If you are selling items that can kill and cause tragedy, why are they not better protected? There is an infinite number of reasons why the United States is going through a time like this. As the weekend comes, everyone is on edge. There is another shooting waiting to happen, and until something is done, we can only expect the worst.


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