What Most People Don't Know About CITA

As CITA gets more powerful, you may not know that the FFA and TL currently have a private alliance founded months before CITA. Despite there being no name for the group and so it not being as publicly well-known, the FFA and TL's alliance are still almost as powerful as CITA.

The FFA has 1,900,000 military personnel, compared to 2,500,000 in the GU. However, with the recent accusation of the Eastern Farlands, the military's budget has increased twofold, making room for more public advertising, This is expected to bring in 300,000+ new personnel to the FFA's military force by next month.

News about this private alliance is starting to spread however. The FFA and TL may just make a huge purchase sending 100 satellites into the orbit. These satellites will help improve internet speeds, spacial communications, and more. The FFA and TL are yet to release a name.


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