What types of responsibilities should a government have?

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

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Photo by Aaron Kittredge from Pexels

Sometimes, we wonder a government should be accountable for. Well, the government can't be responsible for every citizen, so there has to be some that the government should be in charge of.

The government should protect its citizens to maintain a good community. It should help out the less fortunate by rendering food. This would help out the society because people are starving and they need food to survive. We should let the government support our education. If they do this, then they will help us become well rounded and won’t have to worry so much about the citizens struggling. The government should provide us free health care. If many citizens are suffering due to severe illnesses or in a situation where someone is going to die, they can’t afford insurance, if they are poor.

The government should also give food to the ones in poverty. The government should do this so that everyone won’t die and survive. If everyone starts to die because of starvation, the population will decrease, and it will be the governments’ fault. This is a big reason why many people still live today. Back in the day, most people didn’t have food to eat or water to drink. Now, we have an abundant amount of food, and because of this, there is a population of 7 billion people in the world.

As we would want to desire for, the government should be responsible for our education. For some people, people don’t know how to read or write. The consequences are that people can’t make money. Thus, they would be homeless and suffer in misery. If the government provides people free education, then people don’t need college degrees, tuitions, or scholarships. It would be easy-going, and we don’t need to worry about almost anything.

Lastly, the government will need to provide us free health care. People are starving, malnourished, and some are diagnosed with diseases. These can later lead to death. If we had free healthcare, we could revert the situation around. Instead of people dying, people will be healthy and active. If we didn’t have the medicines to cure our people, the death rate would drastically increase than the birth rate.

Overall, the government would need to protect us to maintain a good community. The government would need to give food to the poor. Then, the government should be responsible for our education. Lastly, the government will need to provide us with free health care. The government should support us more frequently so people can be satisfied.


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