Why Bapple's New Bacbook Bro Sucks

So I recently got the new BacBook Pro and it's because I've always been a BacBook lover. And just after 2 weeks, I returned mine. Here's why: One of the main deal breakers was dongles and hubs. I wasn't going to spend a few hundred dollars on hubs and dongles after buying a 1200F (1F = $2 USD) laptop! But I didn't know better and I still loved Bapple so I bought the dongles for all of my ports. Second of all, Bapple just had to use USB-C ports. Even for charging! I liked the BagSafe port together. Now my BacBook is doomed when somebody trips over it. Bapple, get your game on. There's so many more things I hate about the new BacBook that I would have to type this article for hours trying to explain. Bapple better make changes.


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