Why the Math Game Prodigy is Boring (FFA Opinion)

Prodigy Gameplay.

Prodigy is a math game used by students all around the world. The thing is, it's trying to encourage math learning when in reality it's just making students frustrated and bored. Prodigy has a story, but lots of repetitive gameplay. Having to battle four monsters for a single task is time-consuming, like a lot of the game. Many problems are too advanced for their grades once you master them, causing the issues to take an immense amount of time to solve. This creates boring gameplay since most of the time spent battling monsters is spent on questions. And the fact that you have to fight five monsters to complete a task is just unbearable. Also, the game used to have a fresh look. It was clean, but it looked sharp at the same time. Now, it just seems cartoon-ish and for 5-year-olds. This time-consuming game is frustrating, and I wish I could play it again if it weren't for all this. Bring back the old Prodigy.


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