Why You Should Never Pepper Your Food Whenever You're at a Restaurant

Image by Sonja Punz on Unsplash.

Pepper is an excellent addition to any meal. With a sharp, pungent aroma and flavor, people certainly can't get enough of it. However, have you ever used the pepper shakers at a restaurant? You've probably had, and I'm going to be telling you why that's a bad idea.

You may know that menus carry an abundance of bacteria, and many people know this, so they proceed with caution when touching it. But what about that innocent pepper shaker on that table? Have you ever thought twice about touching it? It turns out that the pepper shaker is the second-dirtiest item on the menu, according to Reader's Digest. Sometimes, you'll notice that the pepper shaker is sticky, or even looks dirty. This is probably because most restaurants don't take the time to clean any shaker. Sadly, the table and dishes are what's focused on, meaning that the small things are forgotten about in the cleaning process. Have you ever seen someone clean a pepper shaker? I've never. A study conducted by ABC News showed that pepper shakers have almost 11,600 bacteria on it. Reader's Digest recommends that if you're looking for a bit more spice, ask the chef to add more pepper to the dish. The same goes for any other topping in a shaker such as cheese or garlic. Besides, most dishes you get at a restaurant are already seasoned, so there's usually no need to season it once more. So the next time you eat out, think about the pepper shakers and avoid them at all costs, or else later, your body won't be thanking you.


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