Why You Should Start Geocaching

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Geocaching. It's an amazing online game with a whole entire community around it obsessed with one hobby: Geocaching. Here's how it works: Users make an account at geocaching.com and they go out into the world to find containers with a piece of paper that you sign and then log online. That's all to it. So, what makes this so interesting? It's the geocaching community and the geocaches that people hide. I got into geocaching in September of last year and you can find so many creative geocaches. They're hard to explain, but if you go on Youtube and find geocaching youtubers such as "The Geocaching Vlogger", you'll see what I mean. For example, take a look at this geocache.

Yes, this a geocache. There are over 3 million geocaches worldwide and so many adventures waiting for you. In fact, I'm not sure if I explained geocaching to you correctly. It takes more than words to describe geocaching. Even though it seems boring going to places just to find containers, there are geocaches that you just can't miss out on. Maybe its a disguised library book in a library or you have to ask for it at a front desk. No matter what it is, geocaching is sure to bring you an adventure you will love I guarantee. Check out some geocaching videos and see for yourself. They'll do a much better job at explaining this amazing hobby then I am. Now go out and explore!


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