Why You Should Use YouTube's Dark Theme

Photo taken by the FFA Times.

With video streaming becoming more and more popular with today's generations, it makes sense that people would want to have better user interfaces. Many companies have decided to do this by adding dark themes. You can get dark themes on Reddit, Twitter, Hulu, and more. They look better in most cases and help to reduce eyestrain, contrast text, and in the case of videos, give them a more cinematic and appropriate feel. Netflix is an excellent example of how the dark theme works. When you watch a show or movie on Netflix, the darkness gives you a movie theater feel to it and allows you to sit down and binge watch. YouTube was one of the first companies to add a dark mode to their website, but I haven't started using it until last month. After handling it for the right amount of time, I've decided to tell you why you need to switch.

The dark theme is excellent for its usual reasons such as differentiating text, reducing eyestrain, and more. However, that's not my favorite thing about the dark theme. My favorite thing is how it stands out. A lot of video thumbnails have white backgrounds. With the classic YouTube theme, it could blend in and make you skip over that video, get confused why it's blended in then realize why, or even annoy you. It's not only thumbnails. The videos themselves could have white backgrounds, blending everything in. Nothing stands out, and everything looks bland. That's where the dark theme comes in. Since most videos don't have a black background, you'll have this comparison of dark and bright which pop out towards you when browsing the site. You're also able to focus on thumbnails more easily since you can see where the edge of the thumbnail is. Overall, I only wish I could've used the dark theme sooner, and I hope you don't make the same major mistake as me.


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