Why You Shouldn't Eat Regular Cereal Too Often

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

If you eat cereals like "Lucky Charms" or "Frosted Flakes" every day, you may be surprised that it's bad for your body to eat these types of cereals on a daily basis. A Frosted Flakes cereal contains 111 calories, and Lucky Charms contains 147 calories. If you want to burn off these calories, it will take 32 minutes to get rid of them supposing that you're an athlete. On the other hand, Wheat Cereal is a healthier alternative with about 65-80 calories. That's roughly half of the calories of sugary cereal! Researchers say that eating sugary cereals can harm your appetite. Cereal is on the Top 10 Worst Breakfasts List. If you switch to a wheat-based cereal with no added sugars or flavors, that can benefit your health. Cereal can harbor a ton of sugar, just as I mentioned with "Lucky Charms" and "Frosted Flakes. So, I recommend you not to eat these types of cereal in the long run.


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