Why YouTube is Educational - FFA Opinion

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

YouTube is probably a part of your life. It may even play a significant role in it and shape your personality. If this isn't true, you've at least heard of YouTube at some point. For years now, I've been watching YouTube videos almost every day, and I can't imagine a day without watching one. But to me, YouTube isn't just a place to relax and have fun watching videos. It's a place to learn, add something new to your life. It's something that I use to go on, and here's why.

1. There's plenty of educational videos on YouTube; even gaming and music videos are educational

If you only watch gaming or music videos on YouTube, that's okay. I started out that way when I was younger. For example, Minecraft would teach me new things each day. It put me into a creative stance whenever watching someone play it and eventually I started to play it too. Playing a video game like Minecraft at such a young age took me places, as I used hand-eye coordination frequently. I would even say that watching videos to learn about a video game and how to play it strengthened my mind to become a good student today. Music didn't help me many years ago, but now, it brings back memories when I hear memorable songs from back then. Hearing a song that you heard with a friend that's moved away years ago is something that's unforgettable.

2. Some of the actual educational stuff that's still fun to watch.

On YouTube, there's plenty of things that I love to watch. Animated historical videos is one example. Channels like Vox also are educational. YouTube videos sometimes teach you things you may not need to know, but finding these small quirks when adventuring through this forest of media is just amusing. After watching these, you gain a bit of knowledge and watching YouTube has allowed me to write this well at a young age. Learning so many large words and subjects really brought me to where I am right now, a business owner and writer.

3. Learning about the internet.

The internet is a vast place, and it's hard to understand what's going on in it. YouTube can help, as videos can tell you about the latest trends, what's going on in the world (through news), and more. I believe that having a good social life is just as important as having a great mindset, and YouTube has made put me in that spot. The memes, jokes, hilarious videos, awkward videos, and much more are conversation starters, really getting hooked up with people and getting engaged through socializing.

In conclusion, YouTube is a great educational resource, as well as an internet resource for a social life. It has endless hours of media to watch, and I've probably already have viewed over a hundred thousand videos (and counting) in my lifetime. YouTube has made me successful, and I'm very thankful for what's it's done to my life.


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