Will the FFA's New City Be the Target for a Terrorist Attack?

Picture released by the FFA government of what part of the new city should look like.

The FFA surprised everyone a few months ago when they talked about building a new city in the FFA. Construction started a week after the announcement, and the FFA government said that they would be investing 15 Billion Dollars into the city. Fast forward a few months later and the new city has taken shape. Photos released by the FFA government last month showed what parts of the city would look like. The image above is showing a residential complex away from the city. The new city is said to have GU inspired architecture. However, conspiracy theories are on the rise and people are saying that the FFA's new city could be the target of a terrorist attack. The new city is expected to be the 2nd or 3rd most populous city in the FFA and because of its location near Uganda and Civilization, any dangerous residents of those nations could easily attack the city. Also, if either one of the two countries turn on the FFA, they could easily bomb the city which is within close proximity of both of their borders. The FFA Times was able to interview the President of Uganda. Here's what he said about nuking the FFA: "Sure I couldn't care less." This poses a threat to the FFA during war. Only time can tell what happens next.


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