YouTube Demonetizing Anti-Vaccination Videos

Conspiracy theories are easy to spread, especially with the rise of the internet. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook give anyone the power to share their ideas around the world. But now, some platforms aren't liking it. YouTube is one of them and has now recently pulled ads away from any anti-vaccination videos posted on their site. These channels are supposedly 'dangerous and harmful' considering that science has shown getting vaccines prevents deadly diseases.

What're our thoughts about this? Some of us disagree and agree. Depending on the stance you're on, you can see this as two ways.

A. What YouTube is doing is terrible, as it's limiting freedom of speech and what people can say. OR Vaccines are bad because >insert argument<.

B. What YouTube is doing is good, as it's helping to limit the spread of false information around on the internet. OR Vaccines are good because >insert argument<.

What do you think about this? Leave a comment down below.

YouTube creators spreading messages shortly after YouTube's actions.


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